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Independence, Missouri – Broadband Network Design and Telecommunications

NI Solutions was hired to provide engineering design and consulting services to establish a fiber
optic network to connect 14 existing substations. In addition, the fiber backbone will connect
approximately 35 city-government offices including fire stations, water, waste-water, health
departments, and parks. The broadband network will also connect 33 school locations. The
proposed network will be capable of providing voice, data and video services and will also
support wireless technology platforms and applications.
Power & Light recently put the finishing touches on the installation of its fiber optic network. The project involved approximately 78 miles of fiber optic cable at an estimated cost of $3.5 million. The network was primarily installed to improve communication with the critical control devices used to operate the City’s electrical network system. This results in increased reliability, improved system safety and reduced operating costs.
Other City departments and all 25 schools and five support facilities for the Independence School District are also connected to the fiber network. This allows the school district to improve communications between facilities by moving data and information, such as instructional videos and student records, through a faster and more secure network. “We are pleased to partner with the school district,” said Power & Light Director Leon Daggett. “It is important that we help provide the best technology available to those who are educating our children.” City departments connected to the new fiber optic network include Police, Fire, Health, Water and Technology Services. “This network enables us to connect nearly all of the City’s facilities,” Daggett said. “It will improve communications speed and reliability, allow for enhanced capabilities such as Web conferencing, improve system security and all be done at a reduced cost.” “With the completion of the installation, the future is open to evaluate other opportunities to serve the citizens and businesses of Independence,” said IPL Telecommunications Coordinator John George. “Potentially, we may be able to offer fiber services to colleges, hospitals, data centers, banks or others as we move forward. What the future holds is yet to be determined.”