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Butler County, Ohio Fiber Optic Backbone / Electronics Design

Designed and engineered the Buter County, Ohio fiber optic ring consisting of over 100 miles of a fiber optic backbone. The fiber optic ring connects several cites including Evendale, West Chester,
Hamilton, Fairfield, Middletown and Oxford. In 2004, the National Association of Counties
(NACo) awarded the Butler County Commissioners its prestigious Achievement Award for their
contribution to the project. The award is given to county commissions nationwide whose
innovative programs contribute and enhance county government.
Providing bandwidth to the community is a cornerstone of our new economic development strategy. To accomplish this, we are building a fiber optic backbone network of 96 strands of fiber extending nearly 100 miles throughout the county. The combined cost of this network is $8-10 million. Butler County is contributing $2.75 million to the project, with the remainder coming from a private business partner.

The Butler County Fiber Network will deploy more than 9,000 fiber-miles throughout the county and connect every community in Butler County to a high-speed broadband network. The county will own 12 fibers, Miami University will own 12, and our business partner will own the re-mainder of the fibers.

The "open-access" fiber system will assure market competition by allowing anyone wanting to offer telecommunications and information services to our community access to the system. Local businesses will be provided with needed bandwidth, prices decrease, and the introduction of new technologies to our market will be facilitated.

Regions that can attract, grow and retain firms and industries proficient at deploying information technology, in addition to producing it, will be at a competitive advantage.

Fostering the development of an entrepreneurial culture and access to ven-ture capital, developing human capital through partnerships with local schools and institutions of higher education, having a community that scores high on the "quality of life" index and having a transportation infrastructure conducive to economic growth are all vital elements of a successful strategy.

With proactive participation from local government in meeting the New Economy challenges we can provide the infrastruc-ture necessary for our businesses to compete and create a network capable of improving education and employment opportunities for low-income residents. A better quality of life in Butler County for residents and businesses.