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Navajo Tribal Utility Authority (NTUA) – Business Plan

NI Solutions was hired by the Navajo Tribal Utility Authority (NTUA) to develop a broadband communications business plan and assist with grant writing to enable the NTUA to build a communications network capable of offering all residents’ cost-effective, highly integrated voice, and data services with full interactive capabilities. The network will also be capable of providing utility solutions such as automated meter reading (AMR), supervisory control and
data acquisition System (SCADA) and Voice over Internet phone (VOIP). Sections of the business plan include the following:
Navajo Tribal Utility Authority - Detailed Fiber Optic Engineering Design

NI Solutions was hired to assist the Navajo Tribal Utility Authority (NTUA) in developing a detailed fiber optic engineering design. The build out includes over 550 miles of fiber optic backbone and approximately 20 miles of laterals and spurs. The plan included fiber optic engineering, electronics, and training. Listed below are details of the tasks associated with the design:
Fiber Backbone & Lateral Design
Navajo Tribal Utility Authority (NTUA) - Electronics Housing

1. Design Telecommunication Shelters (Total Total: 35)
Navajo Tribal Utility Authority (NTUA) - Electronics Design

NI Solutions was hired to develop a detailed electronics design required to light the proposed fiber optic network. NIS specified the electronic and the ancillary equipment required to support the communication requirements of NTUA to connect substations including protective devices and relays, and existing SCADA and microwave system:

Electronics Design
1. Developed Equipment Plans and Specifications including:
    a. Determine requirements for new electronics
    b. Identify solutions available
    c. Provide detailed network design
2. Identified Signal Regeneration Sites
    a. Provide Signal loss calculations
3. Prepared bid documents
    a. Reviewed bids
    b. Recommended Vendor
4. Existing NTUA microwave network
    a. Specify electronics for integration of existing microwave network with the fiber optic backbone
Navajo Tribal Utility Authority (NTUA): IP Addressing & Fiber Logic Design
NI Solutions was hired by the NTUA to develop an IP Addressing scheme and fiber optic splicing logic. The scope of work includes the following:
1. Assist NTUA personnel to register and request an Autonomous System (ASN) number to Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).

2. Develop IP Addressing Scheme for the following:
  • Monitoring Services – for management of IP based hosts
  • NTUA Private Network - for internal NTUA network services
  • NTUA SCADA Network – SCADA device control
  • Ethernet Services for 3rd Parties - for (LTE, Microwave, Navajo residential)
  • Voice Services – Currently the NTUA uses an IP based ShoreTel VOIP system
    which may be expanded.
  • Public IP address space
3. Create logical fiber path routes for all network electronics, LTE Towers, Microwave equipment and SCADA device elements. The following tasks are required:
  • Fiber route and pathway design
  • Fiber strand numbering scheme
  • Fiber route design, and fiber splicing paths
  • Fiber Splice case numbering scheme
  • Fiber splice trays and demark numbering scheme
  • Design and documentation of fiber strands under IRU, Lease or ownership
  • Modeling for all buffer allocations
Data Center / NOC

Internal cross-connect and provisioning design by rack or customer

Network security design Provisioning designs for the various customer types

Develop a functional flowchart for provisioning bandwidth services Document design for SLA, LOA, CFA and other service provisioning forms End to end service activation, provisioning and configuration design QOS, CIR, PIR for traffic management design and policies.


                                           SCADA / AMI

Gather a complete list of IT / SCADA / AMI / Camera Drop sites

Develop a priority plan for these sites

Develop Network integration design

Provide a network subnet design / assignment and routing design

Provide a workable deployment design and schedule

Provide a security guidelines and recommendations



                NTUA Information Technology Department

Develop a network design for the integration of the NTUA Video Security cameras Review current and proposed Layer /23 IP design plans

Develop a physical integration design plan Provide a workable deployment design and schedule Work with NTUA IT to develop a Network Layer 2/3 design for transition to the new Metro Ethernet network Provide a security guidelines and recommendations Multi site disaster recovery and fail-over design.