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Community Economic Development

We can assist in helping you determine what fiber and bandwidth options are already in your community and also help you develop a plan to deploy your own fiber assets to bring these services to your community.


Are you a Service Provider

NI Solutions can work with both communities and service providers to assist in creating an agreement and strategy that is beneficial to both parties. After we have defined the strategy we can then assist with implementation.



NI Solutions can assist in determining the need within your community and then also assist you in finding the correct model that will satisfy the needs of your community. Being flexible and exploring all of your options will allow you to create a strategy that will be most beneficial to your constituents.


Tribal government

NI Solutions can assist in developing an infrastructure that will allow you to deliver new and innovative services such as healthcare, public safety, human services and other education to your members. 


Do you own fiber assets

If you are a municipality, school district or other public or private sector owner of fiber assets and are looking for a way to leverage those assets and bring additional revenue to your organization we can help you develop a plan and market your fiber assets.



We can help you find fiber options and if necessary even assist in creating your own fiber network to meet your bandwidth requirements. We can help your business develop Indefeasible rights to use (IRU) or the formation partnerships with fiber owners to help your business gain the communication infrastructure it needs.

Feasibility Assessments
Fiber Business Models
Fiber Network Design
Fiber Network Builds
Metro Ethernet Network Designs
SCADA / AMI designs
Network Integration  
Provisioning designs
Project Management
Vendor assessments
Installation and Testing
NTIA/RUS Grant Writing
Splice Logic design and documentation.
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